“Our system is the only system
that can feed the world.”

© Photo by Alice Moffett 2015.


C O M M U N I T Y S C R E E N I N G:
Organise a screening as fundraiser, to celebrate environmental day, to educate and inform your community.
Be part of changing agriculture in your community
and the world!

License fee for a TICKETED screening :
1-60 people$ 195
61-200 $ 395
over 200 $ 595

License fee for a FREE ADMISSION screening :
1-60 people $ 135
61-200 $ 265
over 200 $ 395

• the license fee includes the loan of a Blu-Ray [or DVD]
for a SINGLE screening of the film
• prices are in AUD + shipping cost + a $25 refundable deposit
for the copy of the film that we loan you
• get wholesale price DVD's to sell at your screening
10 DVD's = $150

c o n t a c t: info@thewormisturning.com

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